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INSiGHT CLA Scanner at Malpass Family Chiropractic
A woman with a digital spine overlaid on her back

Exceptional health care starts with an accurate assessment and diagnosis. At Malpass Family Chiropractic, we use the INSiGHT CLA Scanner as a standard part of our examination process to give us exact, detailed information about the health of your tissues and nervous system.

By combining the data from your scans with a physical exam and hands-on palpation, we draw a thorough and precise picture of your condition so we can build your care plan based on objective measurements.

Assessing Your Spine’s Functioning

Our advanced scanning technology shows us exactly what spinal misalignments are doing to your nervous and muscular systems. We’ll see not just where your spine is out of position but also how it’s affecting your functioning. This gives us another way to understand what’s happening inside your body and how lifestyle factors could be affecting your health.

We start with a thermal scan before doing an EMG scan of your nervous system. The device shows us your results instantly, enabling us to move forward with making a wellness plan and providing adjustments customized to your condition.

Precise Measurements for Everyone

We use the INSiGHT scanner on every patient who comes in, except for pregnant women. Even infants can start with a thermal exam, although we’ll wait until your child is able to sit still before doing the muscle scan. This technology gives us more information about how kids’ spines are developing and if they have any muscle imbalances or asymmetries that need to be addressed.

We’ll periodically reassess your results with new scans to see whether you’re improving as we’d hoped. Dr. Malpass combines objective data with a physical exam to make sure you’re experiencing peak wellness. This service is included in the standard fee.

Choose Better Health Today

At Malpass Family Chiropractic, we use a variety of sophisticated tools to bring you back to peak wellness. Book now.

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