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About Malpass Family Chiropractic

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Helping You Embrace Life’s Passions

Our goal is to improve function and quality of life for everyone in the family, from newborns to kids, pregnant moms, and seniors. We’re exceptional at using the Activator Method® to provide gentle and accurate adjustments, applying our in-depth knowledge to bring you back to the activities that bring you joy.

Our History

We’ve been here a long time. Malpass Family Chiropractic has been helping friends and neighbors from our current location ever since 1990. Dr. Malpass first began practicing at her older brother’s practice in Calgary 1986 before working as a locum associate doctor in Hamilton for a year.

She was eager to open her own practice, but she didn’t know what location to choose. Her husband, who is from this area, suggested that she check out Ancaster. As soon as she drove down Wilson Street, she knew this was exactly where she wanted to be. After that, everything fell into place.

We stay as involved in the community as we can through helping with various fundraisers, looking after athletes, and sponsoring local teams. We love helping businesses and families around us thrive as we keep doing what we do best: revitalizing people’s wellness, one spine at a time.

-Dr. Malpass

Welcome To Malpass Family Chiropractic

Let Our Family Take Care of Yours

Dr. Malpass and her husband work together, as he is the front desk manager. They enjoy welcoming families into the clinic and seeing parents, grandparents, kids, and teens all discover better health.

We’ve seen countless patients’ lives transform. Over the years, our care has allowed many babies to get into the right position before birth. We’ve also watched patients who’d suffered headaches their whole lives get out of pain.

Two children with a severe disability were barely sleeping at all, making their family desperate for rest. Within a month of starting care, they were sleeping well and exceeding doctors’ expectations with their ability to walk. Dr. Malpass ended up becoming friends with their mom and raising support for their condition.

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